AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - "Fighting at km5 after the killing of a military commander" report Fides sources

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Posted on: 10/07/16
Bangui - A Central African army chief, Marcel Mombeka, was killed yesterday morning near km5, the Muslim area of the Central African Republic capital, Bangui. During the ambush the military’s 14-year-old son was injured.
"The dynamics of the murder seems to be that of a settling of scores and not a Seleka attack, this is at least what a part of the population thinks", says a local source to Agenzia Fides, who requested anonymity for security reasons.
"The military loyal to him immediately mobilized to avenge him, and a series of shootings between them and the armed groups that control the km5 began. Fighting lasted all afternoon yesterday until the evening, even with heavy weapons, behind the neighborhood parish. In front of the parish barricades were erected, while the people of the area were forced to flee again".
"Today, perhaps thanks to the rain that fell this morning, the situation is a bit calmer. The streets of the neighborhood, however, are deserted and the atmosphere is heavy. It is impossible to have other information because it is still dangerous to go into Km5 and it will take a few days to have a toll of the victims" concludes our source.


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