AFRICA/GUINEA - Illegal migration is bad, yes to legal migration but the key is the development of Africa

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Posted on: 10/07/16
Conakry - Africa questions the tragedy of irregular migration which sees many young people often lose their lives in the mirage of a better life in Europe. In Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea, some local NGOs organized a conference on "Youth and illegal migration in Africa, trends, consequences, and special focus on the case of Guinea".
"The problem of illegal migration has to be taken seriously by everyone. It is important that young people know that this is not good. We must also ensure that our authorities take an interest regarding the work of young people", said Amadou Tidaine Bah de Timacom, one of the organizers of the conference, which was held on 1 October.
"I live in a neighborhood where most of my friends have tried this experience to reach Europe", he added. "Several of them lost their lives. In order for young people to know that this practice is unjustly harmful, we have decided to create this initiative to ensure that the authorities tell us what they intend to do. There are some possible solutions here in Guinea so that our youth can live happily in their own country".
The speakers, among whom former Minister of Guineans abroad, Lucien Bendou Guilao, emphasized the illegal nature of illegal migration. It can only take place in a legal framework.
On the other hand, remarked Lucien Bendou Guilao, the Countries of origin of migrants should increase the redistribution of resources to improve people's living conditions. "It is inconceivable for a poor Country like Guinea, that national resources are concentrated in a few hands. Today it is important to give young people the means for them to stay in their Country and to progress in their lives".


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